A Response

The views related in this post reflect the direct thoughts of the author and do not directly reflect the views of Warrior Industries, the DOD, or the US Army      Since everyone is suddenly interested in fixing Army Marksmanship, here is what we have been doing over the past … Continue reading

A Month With the Mantis X

About a six weeks ago a friend gave me a good talk through on the Mantis X system. Following that conversation, I decided to secure one and give it a try. I hadn’t really watched the videos or read up on the device. Upon doing research I didn’t find much besides the marketing ads. That is … Continue reading


Contributors  We here at Warrior Industries acknowledge one fact early on. We don’t know everything and there is probably another way to do the same thing or make a point. As such, we are opening this blog to submissions from experts in their fields. We hope to provide content on weapons, … Continue reading

Warrior Industries 

​Why Warrior Industries?  It has been said since the days of old that Warriors are built not born. That is exactly the model that we are following. Our intent is to build "Warriors" on an industrial scale.  First lets define Warrior in our context. A Warrior is a person who lives … Continue reading