Warrior Industries Edition Rifle

Liberty Hill Tactical Warrior Industries Edition

Awhile back, I approached Russell of Liberty Hill Tactical about doing a rifle built to my requirements. This rifle would be a showcase gun for Warrior Industries, LLC, and Liberty Hill Tactical. I laid out some specific things the rifle would have to have and can do. Russell took to the project like the professional that he is and to my great joy, delivered a rifle beyond my expectations.

My requirements are loose in the beginning as I wanted him to have room to do his magic. Here is the first message of the conversation:

Liberty Hill Tactical Upper and Lower

 16-inch Mid Gas 1/7 or 1/8

BattleComp or VG6 brake style

 13+ inch rail MLOK

Coated FA BCG

Offset Flip up Magpul MBUIS Pros

  4.5 lbs. trigger single stage

 Blended and stippled with Logo MIAD

 BAD-ASS with Crank selector

 MOE SL or ACS stock

From there it grew into the rifle that was presented to me this past weekend. While I am not going to go into the minutia of every nut and bolt on the rifle I will tell you that what arrived was a matched billet upper and lower, MP tested pencil barrel and Bolt, properly staked gas key and receiver extension, and a trigger that breaks clean.

The receiver set was also sent out for custom engraving for the Warrior Industries name and Logo. The grip was engraved with the logo then sent to be blended into my receiver and stippled. The back strap is still interchangeable and the other back straps were matched.

The whole thing was then ceracoated in the pattern you see here, including the Leupold MK6 and Streamlight ProTac light. The ceracoat itself is a thing of beauty and matched a conversation that said literally “kinda multicam but not. Kinda woodland but not” Personally, I would have asked for more clarity but Russell was able to see clearly what I didn’t describe.

Ok, now the good part. Shooting it.

We took it out to an outdoor range that has 100 yards available. I used some bottom tier 55 grain rounds to get a couple of groups downrange to work the zero. I had low expectations of this ammo and just wanted to get close before I broke into the dollar a bullet ammo. What I was rewarded with was a 2 MOA group on the first 5 rounds out of the gun. I dialed in a rough zero and fired another 2 MOA group. Followed by another.

50 Yards cheap ammo

I then broke out the Hornady 68 grain Match ammo and ripped off one of the better groups I have ever fired. It printed a solid 1MOA group. I will be honest and let you know that is about the max of my ability. I am sure in the proper hands this rifle could do better as I was picking up mistakes in my shot process. The other groups were stacked rounds with flyers that made it about 2 MOA. We then took the rifle to 100 and whacked a 13-inch plate about 28 times from the standing unsupported.

While it weighs 9 pounds, it has a MK6 in a Larue 1.93 mount and a light. The balance is unbelievable though. You can handle the rifle and tell that it was built, literally, by a shooter for a shooter. Again, beyond expectations.

Now here is the cool part. We locked down 10 serial numbers (8 remaining) that are available to be turned into Warrior Industries Editions. They will all meet my requirements and be offered in 3 patterns of ceracoat. They will be exactly like mine if you desire. There will be a full build sheet available soon

Ash Hess

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