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  • EFFECTIVE CARBINE WAVERLY, GA 30 SEPT-1 OCT 2017 (Reservation Fee Only)

    Effective Carbine is designed to introduce shooters into the specific skills and the science it takes to engage targets at close and extended distances in various positions and speeds. Our goal is to help the individuals become comfortable with shooting their weapon systems at common ranges and increasing their 1st round hit probability at any range. This class will have targets available from 5-400 yards at the Strongpoint Shooting Complex in Waverly Hall, GA.
  • WORKING CARBINE -Blakesly, GA 17-18 June

    WORKING CARBINE -Blakesly, GA 17-18 June
    $500 tuition (includes range fees)
    750 rounds(min 250 62 grain or larger for 5.56 rifles)
    Lodging available and recommended for $100 and meal plans available for $30 per day
    Targets will be engaged from 5-700+ yards over two days and classes include range estimation, wind, Ballistic calculations, shot process, rifle set up and vehicle cover.

    -Reservation Fee is a non-refundable payment $125 to reserve His or her seat in the class Remainder of the class cost $375.00 will be due on the Day the class begins .

    If the student fails to attend the class the reservation fee will not be refunded as this is a seat that could be utilized by another Student and all prior coordination would be based on total students attending.