Introduction to Long Range 1


Introduction to Long Range 1 is designed to introduce shooters to the specific skills and the science it takes to engage targets at extended distances. Our goal is to help the individuals become comfortable with shooting their weapon systems at extended ranges and increasing their 1st round hit probability at any range. Whether you are an F-class Shooter or someone that is looking to push the limits of themselves and their equipment, this class is for you.

Course tuition:  $350 tuition -Reservation Fee is a non-refundable payment $150 to reserve His or her seat in the class.  Remainder of the class Tuition $200.00 will be due on the Day the class begins.

Course Requirements:

Check your ego at the door and be a professional learner. Come to the course with an open mind.

Course Curriculum:

Scope Manipulations (Focus, Paralax)

Shot Process

Basic Internal/ External Ballistics.

How to Understand Ballistic software.

How to estimate and read wind.

Range acquisition, estimation, and angular units of measure

Range Estimation techniques

Packing List:

A rifle that is capable of at least printing a 1 Minute of  Angle (1 inch) group at 100 meters/yards.

100 Rounds of Match Ammunition per day

A magnified optic (with user manual)

Sand Sock a.k.a (Rear shooting support)

Note taking material




Cold/Wet Weather Clothing


Food/ Snacks

Additional Equipment (Not Mandatory):

Spotting Scope w/ tripod

Shooting mat

Smart Phone with Ballistic Solver Application

Kestrel Poratble Weather Station

Laser range finder.

Anti-cant device mounted to your rifle, or rifle scope.

Sign-up Procedure:

Go to the link below find the class you would like to attend. Click on the link provided to Pay your reservation fee.  All Classes will require the Student to Pay a non-refundable reservation fee of $150.00  (payment link attached to each class date).  You will be required to pay the remainder of the Tuition ($200.00) on the day of the class.

NOTE: Reservation Fee is a non-refundable payment $150 to reserve His or her seat in the class.  Remainder of the class Tuition $200.00 will be due on the Day the class begins.  If the student fails to attend the class, the reservation fee will not be refunded as this is a seat that could be utilized by another Student and all prior coordination would be based on total students attending.




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