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Serving Gunowners in Geneseo, Syracuse and Watertown, NY, as well as Around the Country

When you first purchase a firearm, it usually doesn’t come with instructions on how to properly use it. That’s why Warrior Industries offers training courses to help you learn how to operate a firearm at close-range, long-range and high-stress situations. We offer training courses for many different types of firearms, including carbine, handguns, shotguns and Precision Rifles. We hold classes for local students in Geneseo, Syracuse and Watertown, NY, as well as classes in Georgia, allowing us to help owners throughout the country gain the skills they need to use their firearms responsibly. Our instructors have over 60 years of combined experience, so you’ll be learning some of the most effective techniques from seasoned pros.

Our training programs are based on a 3 step program.  LEVEL 1 is The basic level developed to focus specifically on the marksmanship.  LEVEL 2 utilizes multiple drills to enhance weapon manipulation in high stress environments.  LEVEL 3 is an advanced outcome based program developed for the specific needs of the group or Agency requesting the training.

If you are looking to utilize our services, the host agency or group would need to contact us for specific instructions.


Get a consistent, more precise shot by taking our long-range rifle course. The course is designed to help you get used to hitting targets at extended ranges and extend your 1st round hit probability at any range. You’ll learn Tasks such as basic ballistics, range estimation, and scope manipulation.



Our shotgun training course will help you gain the authority you need when wielding a shotgun. We’ll help you learn how to use your weapon safely and effectively in many different contexts, including in close range and from a longer distance, while you’re on the move, in low light and more.

Our pistol training courses involve the basic foundations of operating a handgun, including marksmanship and manipulation. Taking our course will arm you with the knowledge you need to safely and responsibly discharge your weapon in a necessary situation, including how to load, unload, reload, clear and properly maintain your handgun. We also include shooting practice so you can improve your accuracy in challenging and stressful contexts.

Our carbine rifle training courses will teach you how to effectively use your weapon in many different situations. You’ll learn how to engage targets at close range and extended range and get a more accurate 1st round hit. After taking the carbine course with Warrior Industries, you’ll be able to safely and responsibly use a carbine rifle for a variety of purposes, including hunting, combat, and self-defense.



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